a member!

 Members receive exclusive benefits, vote at board elections, and are the main supporters of the Community enter events.  Members make it possible!

Membership Benefits: 25% discount on rental of hall for first time (10% thereafter).


Members are welcome to attend a board meeting to learn more about the community center.  Check the Events calendar for the date.

     Annual Membership:

 $20 per adult.

Under 18 years free. button above.


Fill out this Membership Application and return it with membership fee to


PO Box 2073

Blue River, OR 97413

And donate as much as you want to!  Thank you for your generosity.


Are you interested in volunteering?
We always like help making coffee for the Potluck dinners, serving food at the Ice Cream Social, decorating at the Holiday events, and more.    Or teach a class, lead a discussion group.....and have fun!


Also visit our Facebook page!