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     Franklin "Herm" Fitz was the biology and life sciences teacher at McKenzie River High School, Blue River, Oregon for more than 25 years.  In his classes he taught methods of plant propagation and a variety of self-sufficiency skills. The students learned "hands-on" how to have a large food garden, a ten-tree orchard, barns and animals.  

     Herm earned a Ph.D. in Botany from Utah State University in 1972., and collected herbarium specimens of flora throughout the McKenzie River watershed.  In 1975 he received the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for the State of Oregon. Herm passed on for a better garden in 2018.  His wife Karen Fitz generously donated these books to the Upper McKenzie Community Center.

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ONLY $10.00

Table of Contents

                                        Page #

Chapter I. Methods of Plant Propagation     1

  Sexual methods (Seed production )          4

  Annual, biennial, and perennial plants      10

  Asexual methods (Plant division)            11

  Selecting a Parent Plant                       28

Chapter II. The Propagation of Food Plants 36

Literature Cited and Additional Reading    126


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