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Board Members

Margaret Beilharz- President

Margaret brings long-term experience in and dedication to the upper McKenzie River area. With her caring for the people, natural resources, and history of the area, she brings informed and enthusiastic leadership to the Community Center Board.    

Shirley Fry - Secretary

Shirley's steady nature ensures the minutes of the Board Meetings are concisely recorded and quickly shared.  This isn't always easy when the ideas are flying!  Shirley is also known as the owner of the alpacas that everyone loves to see on their way to Blue River.

Other Board Members-

Kelly Britt Davis

Marla English

Chere Estrin

Allen Brody

Jeanne Fager - Treasurer

Jeanne has lived on the McKenzie River since 1990 and is an active member of the board.  When Jeanne’s not walking, reading, knitting, crocheting, or visiting with friends, she’s busy helping make the community a better place.  Contact Jeanne regarding membership, reservations, and event planning.

Board meetings are open to the Members. They are held the first or second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, at the Center's building. (See the Events Calendar for specific dates.) Mail ideas and questions to