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Board Members 2020

The Board of Directors' meetings are held the first or second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm online.  (See the Events Calendar for dates.) To "attend" online please send a message to The Board welcomes your ideas


President - John Carlile - Served as the Relief Center Manager operating out of the UMCC following the Holiday Farm Fire. He lives in the McKenzie Bridge area with his husband Kevin. He is using his background in construction, interior design, and his degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon to help the Upper McKenzie Community Center move forward as our entire community rebuilds.

Vice President - Marla English -  Marla has been on the UMCC board - with a few breaks - for about 4 years. She grew up in Coronado, CA and worked in the grocery industry for 37 years.  She retired in in December of 2009 and moved to the McKenzie River in 2015.  She is married with 2 grown children.  Since moving to the river, Marla has also done some volunteer work for the McKenzie track.

Vice President - Alyssa Brownlee -


Treasurer- Michele Lansdowne - Moved to McKenzie Bridge in 2020 with her husband, Jack Liebschutz. She retired from teaching business entrepreneurship at a tribal college in Montana and brings her business finance skills to the Upper McKenzie Community Center as its Secretary and Development Coordinator. She has worked as a grant manager with numerous foundations and nonprofit organizations. She has a Master’s in Business Administration and her PhD is in Community Economic Development.


Secretary- Judith Roth - Judy Roth and her husband, Steve James, moved to the McKenzie Bridge community in late 2020 after losing their Santiam Canyon home to the Beechie Creek Fire over the 2020 Labor Day weekend. They also maintain a residence in Chicago, IL.  Judy retired from her work as a therapist in 2021, having worked for over 40 years with survivors of trauma.  Understanding the losses associated with wildfire on a very personal level, Judy hopes to contribute to the rebuilding of this community through participation on the Upper McKenzie Community Center board, focusing on ways to support community members as they heal and work to restore their homes and their communities.  


Kathy Keable

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