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Vision Board Making 1/6/24

Updated: Jan 10

The UMCC had a great vision board making session to ring in the new year!

A vision board can be a powerful tool for several things:

Clarifying your goals, maintaining focus and motivation, boosting positivity and optimism, unlocking creativity, and attracting what you desire.

Beyond goals, vision boards can also be used to define your values and priorities in life, create a positive vision for your future, manifest specific desires, such as a new relationship or a change in career, and track your progress over time.

During our vision board making session, the group went through magazines and ripped out pages with images and words that stood out to them. Next, the group cut out the images and words on the pages they ripped out. Then, they glued them onto construction paper to create their vision board masterpiece!

The process took about 2 hours and was filled with good conversation, self reflection, warm tea, and music.

It was fun to see everyone having a good time and making awesome boards!

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