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2023 Ice Cream Social

Our 2023 Ice Cream Social and Cobbler Contest was a huge hit!

Master scoopers Kathy and Judy!

This year's Ice Cream Social had a huge turnout with over 100 people! Not only did we have ice cream and cobbler, there was also a book sale from the O'Brien Memorial Library, and "Old McKenzie Movies" shown by Margaret Bielharz.

We had 12 entries for the cobbler contest, which were all tasted by our special guest judge Steve Severin!

Connie Richardson came in 2nd place with her Blue Barb (blueberry rhubarb) cobbler! And our very own Judy Roth won first place for her delicious blueberry raspberry cobbler!

Due to the construction still happening at the UMCC, we decided to switch it up from the usual BBQ burgers and hotdogs that we've done in the past.

The introduction of the cobbler contest was a huge hit and we will continue the tradition through the years now.

We even created a plaque that we can update with the cobbler contest winner each year!

We can't wait for next year's event!


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