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The Upper McKenzie Community Center is getting a makeover!

We are very excited because construction has begun on the Upper McKenzie Community Center! This is our 2022-2023 UMCC Phase I Remodel: "ADA accessible bathroom and kitchen remodel". It is funded by Ford Family Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation, the Roundhouse Foundation and the Bottle Boys. This remodel will allow handicap access to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Right now, they're tearing out the walls and preparing to frame in the new entryway and hallway, ADA bathrooms, and new ADA accessible kitchen!

Here's the latest remodel plans and the original layout. The entryway will completely change and will now have a small hallway. The new ADA bathrooms will be located near the front entrance. The kitchen will expand also, with ADA counters and more space!

Kitchen transformation begins! We're expanding the kitchen back into the bar/gallery area, adding commercial sinks, ADA counters, and all new appliances.

Demolition on the old bathrooms and closet to make way for the new ADA bathrooms and office.

Stay tuned for more remodel updates.

We can't wait to share the new and improved Upper McKenzie Community Center with our wonderful community!


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